April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Monday, June 1, 2009

Arrival Date!

As many of you have calculated or realized watching our recent posts, our two years of Peace Corps service is almost up. And now we finally have the answer to the question Grandma asked every time we talked with her: "When are you coming home?"

We will be coming home Independance Day weekend.

We'll spend it at my folks' house in Lexington, Virginia. April's folks will come down, my grandma will be there, hopefully April's grandma will be able to come up, and my sister, along with Justin and Sam, the 20-month-old nephew I've never met, will come down on the 4th. We'll grill out and have hamburgers and instead of salchichas, real hotdogs!

We'll also start the process of readjusting to life in the United States: punctuality, expensive avocados, sidewalks, no really fresh fruit or fish, temperature changes greater than 10-15 degrees, no good bus system, etc.

We'll start to organize some of our pictures and memoriabilia into a condensed showcase of our time here; we want to be able to show and tell more than the blog has provided, but without overwhelming folks with a day-long lesson. We are still working on travel plans (if you want to see the show in your neighborhood, let us know) and job plans (if you need a volunteer coordinator, let April know! :).


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Foy and Jeff said...

I am envious that you guys get to be home for the 4th of July! Enjoy it! Will you keep blogging from The States?

Tabassum said...

:) I'm so glad you guys will be home soon, I am still going to be in NY, so if you are headed up this way at all, let me know, but if not, I'll see you when I get home in August, I hope!! <3

bill said...

Wow, that's soon! Let us know when you'll be back in MD, but we may be a bit busy because of what I told you about last time :)