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Monday, April 20, 2009

You don´t have to live abroad to be interesting

Our relatives are also up to some interesting things these days... We thought that you might enjoy knowing about the other interesting family members.

The following is a bulletin board soon to be seen in the Cincinnati area:

It seems that my Uncle Steve was laid off from his job at the Aces and Eights Harley Dealer just north of Cincinnati. He is an excellent Harley mechanic, he even has a patent for a part for Harleys (a hydrolic clutch if my faulty memory serves me...but it is an iffy memory).

Well, within a couple of weeks of his being laid off the local competitor, Harley Davidson of Cincinnati, had offered him a job. They want all the local Harley riders to know that he now works with them....Uncle Steve has quite a reputation. So if you are in the Cincinnati area and see the billboard please enjoy it for me.

Kevin´s sister Meghan is also up to interesting and new things. She is using her time as a stay at home mom with a Masters in Environmental Science to launch a new business, EcoConsults. She will provide "residential and commercial clients with simple, cost-effective, personalized recommendations for a greener lifestyle", with long- and short-term cost benefit analysis. If you are near Baltimore (or even if you aren't) and would like to have someone knowledgable look over your house or business for ways to improve your environmental impact, check out her site. She was involved in the 2009 Baltimore EcoFestival this past weekend as well.

April's sister Hilary continues to make the world a more interesting place through her art. She specializes in making ¨Melting clocks¨as seen in Salvador Dali's paintings. Examples of her clocks and many other works of art can be seen at the website for her company, Pragmatic Effects, or at her blog of the same name.

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