April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We voted...and you?

While we don't always get news in a timely or complete manner, we did manage to catch two of the presidential debates on the world band radio. They felt like real "Peace Corps" moments, sitting in our house by candlelight, listening to the radio on headphones with the rain pouring down outside.

I also saw the vice presidential debate on CNN Español in a private home with cable (a pretty rare thing in my experience) here in Santiago. The debate was translated into Spanish, which made it more challenging. I could hear a bit of the debate in English when the translators paused for thought...just enough to be distracting.

We voted in the US election and sent in the absentee ballots. One of my tasks for Oct 16th was to print our ballots...which were emailed to us. We then filled them in and mailed them (you could also fax them) back to Maryland for counting. I am really glad that Maryland allows them to be emailed...because we already missed one local election vote due to slow international mail.

And election day? We have reserved a hotel suite (sounds much better than the reality) to share with friends and watch election returns on November 4th. We figure that no matter who wins it will be a historic moment (first person of color or first woman elected) and we want to see and share it with fellow citizens.

So get out there and VOTE America...this is a historic election. Be sure to be part of it!

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