April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Friday, October 3, 2008

2009 PC Panama Calendar is coming soon!

Front cover of 2009 VAC Calendar (click on photos to see larger version)

One of the projects that we (Kevin and I) have been working on is the 2009 VAC calendar. VAC stands for Volunteer Action Council and is the Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) committee that serves as the PCV voice to the PC office.

Every year VAC puts out a wall calendar full of photos taken by current or very recent PCVs. 100% of the proceeds from the calendar go into SSPA grants. SSPA stands for The Super Small Project Assistant Grants. These grants are $60 or less in size and to help supplement project or activity funding. They make many small projects possible that would otherwise not happen, and many times it is the small projects that have the most incredible impacts.

This year I did all of the layout and formating for the calendar (with copious help from my loving supportive and patient husband). It is quite lovely and the best one yet to be made...or so I am told (she says in her most humble voice). January photo and calendar page (click on photos to see larger version)

  • It has 14 months (Dec 2008-jan 2010)
  • It includes US and Panama Federal holidays (Panamanian in italics)
  • It includes Chrisitian, Jewish and Muslim major religious holidays.
  • It also includes: moon phases, equinoxes, daylight savings, and other important days like earth day, world aids day, and tax day.
  • It has a mini calendar for the previous and next month on each page.
  • It is stuffed full of photos!! Every spot I could put them I did.
  • All photos are from PCVs current or very recent.
  • All photos are captioned with what and where and credited to the photographer
  • The calendar focuses on panama culture, sites, people and places.There are lots of cute kids, pretty flowers and cultural events featured.
  • There is a center info page on PC panama and the type of work that we do here, complete with pictures of volunteers at work.
Back cover (click on photos to see larger version)

Please consider buying a 2009 PC Panama VAC Calendar. The calendars will be for sale (very soon) online at:
Last year they sold for $15 per calendar, I am not sure what they will go for this year (they changed from 12 months to 14 so production costs are a bit higher). All I can promise is that the money goes to a good cause and you will get at least one big smile a month from the photos included. Not every calendar can make such a promise!

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