April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympics sightings?

This one is dedicated to Todd in thanks for his excellent question.

Yes, the olympics have started...or so we have been told. I wouldn´t know anything about that other than Panama does have a team representing in the games (at least that is what people in the States have told us when we talked)....and that is the full sum (to date) of my Panama olympic team knowledge.

I am guessing that some of my nieghbors are watching the winter version of the summer olympics...winter because of all the snow they will see from the bad TV reception that they get out in our neck of the world. Also, the only TVs on the isla are small (9inch) black and white TVs...so the snow doesn´t help an already tough situation. However, some people can and do watch a limited amount of TV. Remember their electricity is from solar panels and if the charge for the day runs out....no lights tonight. They can and do run generators as well...but gas ain´t cheep here these days.

We can listen for news of the olympics...and read papers. We sometimes have access to TV with cable in hotels. I have faith that if any athletes from the USA do anything termendous (or termendously stupid) word will trickle to us from our community...it usually does. Since they can keep up with all the radio guys say in rapid spanish, they have more patience to listen for more news than I can.

So, if you are watching the olympics out there...please do chear for Pamana when you get the chance!!


Todd said...

Thanks for answering my question. Will root for Panama if I see them in any of the games I'm watching

Chris McCubbin said...

I dunno what kind of internet access you guys have but they are streaming video of a bunch of events on the Olympics web site.

April Cropper said...

Hey Chris...funny you should mention internet...I am currently fighting to get yahoo to run fast enough just to be able to get a reply window to come up. Somedays we have good internet days and some like today. We can only load video at a friend´s house in the city because they have a sweet set-up so a big cheer goes out to Devon and Brian for the video access on this blog!!