April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Persistant toe bugs go to the hospital

Kevin got to experience first hand -literally- Panamás hospital system this week. He underwent IV antibiotics, injected into his hand; every 4 hours for about 36 hours. He has an infection in his big toe - like an in-growing toenail. He went to the doctor two weeks ago and got meds for it...they worked until the pills ran out. After the pills ended the toe got worse again and he got a fever. Nothing spectacular...just a big red toe. Anyway, since we are already in town..and since the pills didn´t cut it, the IV treatment was started just to be sure that Kevin is all better and ready for his parent´s visit over the next two weeks. We did manage to bribe the nurses with cookies and sneak him out of the hospital for 2 hours to walk next door (literally next door) to see the final Indiana Jones movie, so his spirits are not as crimped by hospital time as they might have otherwise been.

When we left the hospital earlier the toe was looking fairly normal but still ozzing a tiny bit of puss. Well a body exposed to as much antibiotics as his has had this week should not have puss still...so they took a sample and will check to see what it is. That is a job I would not want...growing Kevin´s toe goo bugs. The infection is only local to the toe just at the moment...his white blood cell count looks good...so he is free to move about the country (yup I do like Southwest). We will be in touch with the doctor for further battle planning Monday if the toe goo monsters don´t give up the fight.

I am sure that he will be blogging soon about what the hospital is like. Medical care here is federalized and free to all, although I think that Panamanians do pay for medications. I got to stay with him at the hospital...all I can say so far (having already spent two nights) is you should bring your own towel for your Panamainan hospital stay...this one doesn´t provide them. :)

Never fear...the big red toe bugs are bound to lose this battle. More later...

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Mike P said...

Even with you being in a far off country and being hospitalized, you're still seeing more movies than I am. I need to step it up a bit if I'm gonna keep my pointless movie trivia knowledge up to snuff. :)