April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Sunday, April 13, 2008


(Kevin here, although April uploaded the pictures first, so the post is attributed to her.)

We are aware that Easter passed a few weeks ago, but sometimes it isn't easy to get time on-line to post right away. So here is Easter in the island.

Similar to Christmas and New Years, it wasn't what we expected. It seemed nobody did much to observe Easter Sunday (there was no mass on the island), but I was nailing together our bambu wall on Good Friday, and a neighbor came by and after a few minutes of kind chit-chat, mentioned that they don't work, cook, ride horses, or anything on Good Friday. I got the distinct impression I should cease making a racket. But it was nothing like a Good Friday observance I'd ever heard of from the Catholic church.

Sundays are our English class days, but we asked some of our main attendees ahead of time if we should skip class on Easter Sunday. She said pretty much no, of course not, why would you?

So we decided it was a good time to teach colors.

Mom Cropper had sent along some egg-dying kits, and we shared some American culture with those who came to class that day, trying to explain in Spanish what a rabbit has to do with chocolate, eggs, fake plastic grass, and coloring the eggs. (We totally omitted what it might have to do with Christ's resurection.)

Using a solar-heater for the water (putting a Camelback in the sun) and a bit of vinegar purchased specially for the purpose, we managed to produce some impressive dyes.

(Looking down on the dying cups, eggs, and dyers)

Unfortunately, we had been at a 15th birthday party the night before on the south side of the island (the 15th is a huge deal here, almost like Sweet Sixteen I guess), so we hadn't had time to boil the eggs.

There was only one causualty, one that was fully decorated around the outside with crayon. But we had one more spare, and she was able to redraw her masterpiece and go home happy.

(Some finished, some still being drawn upon)

Oh, and we did manage to teach the colors (mostly; there must have been some confusion about which dye was which when the one on the left labeled "blue" was dipped, but the "Blue" on the right is right on).

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