April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Friday, March 28, 2008

Babies abound...

First...no Kevin and I are NOT pregnant. Just didn´t want the title of this post to cause any confusion, bochinche (rumors or gossip in Spanish), or false hopes.

We would like to pass along some long overdue "Congratulations!" to our relatives and their newly larger families. To those babies born a while ago...talk to Sofia...she took her time and delayed this post.

Meghan (Kevin´s sister) and Justin Lockman welcomed Samuel Ewing Lockman into the wide world of Baltimore Maryland on October 11th 2007.
(Grandpa Cropper and Sam; Grandparents Cropper, Jus/Sam/Meg, Grandparents Lockman)

Hilary (April´s sister) and Nick Wizbenski welcomed their second child, Karina Autumn Wizbenski on February 11th, 2008. All reports are that big brother Eli is just as thrilled as his Grandma is.

(Hilary and Karina; Hilary, Eli, and Karina)

Most recently, "Congratulations" go out to Marisela and David (Kevin´s cousin) Feige-Parraguez. Their first child, Sofia Marie, was born around 9:30pm on Thursday March 20th, 2008 (on the first day of spring!). She was born by Cesaerian after the induction didn´t work. Both parents and baby are doing fine (at least they were when she was born...they are probably sleep deprived just now:).

(Sofia Marie; David, Sofia, Marisela)
Our thoughts are with our family from afar....and in light of the number of dirty diapers available for changing in the family, afar doesn´t always seem so bad. No really...we do look forward to meeting all the new family members when we come back home. Congrats again to all!

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Linda said...

oh April, babies all around!
You've got lots of new nephews/nieces to meet!
On another topic, I think you should get a puppy... You don't have to change diapers on those. =)