April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Monday, September 17, 2007

Island Life Pictures

So, you may be wondering just what it looks like here on the island. Well, the following photos are an indication. As you look and them and become convinced that we live in paradise, I ask you to remember the other photos you have seen on this blog....muddy feet from muddy trails that are the only way to get around, scorpions, no electricity. And rememer....rain is not very photogenic most of the time...so there are no photos of an agua cero (Spanish for hard as heck rain) to balence out your view.

Sunrise over the beach.

Looking East at another island.

Yup, sometimes it is a bit too pretty.

A typical fishing boat on our island.

Part of the view from our first host family house...just outside the door.

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