April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Contact updates

Hello to all.

We officialy swear in as Peace Corps Volunteers on Thursday of this coming week (up to now we have been trainees). We will then, on Sunday, be going to the island to live for our two years. We will have less internet access after Sunday as the internet will be a boat ride and bus ride away (2-3 hours travel). We hope to be able to post to this blog every 3-4 weeks from now on.

Many of you will be amused to know that we now own our first cell phone (yes the irony of going to the Peace Corps and getting my first cell phone is not lost on me). It is VERY expensive to use cell phones to call out here, $.83 to the states. But incoming calls are free... so we will be welcoming calls. Other volunteers tell me that an international prepaid calling card in the states brings the cost to $.05-.08 cents a minute for you. The phone will not always be on as we will be running it on solar power and we don´t know what type of signal coverage we will have. I do not wish to post the number on the net...but just email me if you would like the number.

Also, our mailing address at the bottom of this blog has been updated for the new home location. Please switch to the new address. Also, volunteers do find that Jesus stickers and "Praise God" sayings do help the packages to arrive intact...especially when Jesus is across the seams where you would have to cut to open the package. ;)

All in all we are doing well and looking forward to getting going on the next and biggest step in this marvelous adventure. Love to you all.

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