April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Visit to the campo

Campo is country in Spanish. Today each training group (Kevin is Sustainable Ag and I am Conservation Education) went on a trip to visit a PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) at thier assigned communities. One 2+ hour rear-end numbing Land Rover ride later (I had my first grip the seat moment..but all is good Moms) we arrived. We got to:

see some school children do a local dance for us,
climb a mountain (hot, steep, got blister, beautiful) & eat lunch (they serve too much to guests), plant tree seeds,
and work (read play) in mud to aid in building a new room on a house (mud/grass wall building technique)

It was a good day and I am tired. Kevin also had a good day, but he seemed a bit jealous when he heard about all that our group did. He did get to plant rice though. Yup, they grow rice in Panama, more about that in the future I am sure.

Tomorrow we head to a new training site and start living with host families (that means mucho espanol por Abril). I don't expect to have internet access for a couple of weeks...so be patient. (for those who are counting - I certainly am) I have now had 2 shots and a blood draw. More shots to come. Arg. That will tell some of you just how much I want to be here.

Love to all.

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m said...

reminds me of the campo in chile!!! xo :)