April and Kevin in Kuna Yala, the northeast coast of Panamá

Friday, April 6, 2007

Parties and our schedule until we leave

With just one more week of real work, less than a month in Maryland, and just five weeks in the US, we're about to the point where we have a schedule for each day remaining. And that includes two parties, so read on for details!

In Maryland, we'll be having a goodbye party at our house on Saturday, 21 April, and you'll get a chance to meet both of our parents. The house isn't huge, but swing by anytime after 4pm. We'll take advantage of daylight hours (and hopefully good weather) and go until late. We're on a cul-de-sac, so park in our driveway if there's room or anywhere along Harp String (other than the inside of the circle) or Bright Soul. (7167 Harp String, Columbia, MD 21045. From Snowden River Parkway, turn onto Carved Stone - Starbucks/Supreme Sports Club - and go past Hunan Manor/under the powerlines, then RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. We're at the end of the cul-de-sac.)

The rest of our time in Maryland includes an MLS game, MSAR FTL testing, final doctor and dentist visits, selling the wagon (not the veggie car, that's the Beetle), an awards dinner for April for her volunteer work with youth through MSAR, paperwork, and packing. Sometimes it seems like we have a lot to do, sometimes it seems like we have a lot of time.

My last official day of work is 1 May and that afternoon/evening, we'll load the truck (volunteers appreciated :). On the 2nd, we drive to Kevin's folk's in Lexington, VA and unload furniture and have our first chance to relax for a couple of days, before we drive to April's folk's in Bethel, OH on 5 May.

That week in the Cincy area, we'll see Grandma Cropper (8-9 May), Grandma Miller and Grandma & Grandpa Dierks (9-11 May), as well as other Cincy relatives, before the second party, on our last Saturday. April's folks will be hosting a goodbye party at the Bethel Community Center in Bethel, Ohio on Saturday, 12 May starting around 5pm. Email for more details if you're going to be in Ohio around then.

While we don't yet have any details (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), we anticipate that on 13 May, we fly from Cincy to our staging, which we've heard a rumor might be in Miami. We spend two days there doing paperwork, getting shots, meeting everyone, and then fly to Panama City on the 15th, and the full adventure begins!

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betsy said...

We met at the Columbia donor center two weeks ago. Dale & I wish you both well. We have so much in common, yet there wasn't time to talk. Esar with our son, David and Peter McCabe, '92-94; I worked with DORS, division of Rehab Services in Wheaton & Catonsville. I used my PC Spanish learned mostly in Colombia '64-66.
I still use it as often as possible. I wrote a book of bilingual nursey rhymes, TORTILLITAS PARA MAMA, which I would like to give you to take to your site in Panama. It can open many doors.
THERE'S more, but for later. I will be in Atlanta for your party but will try to stop by when you are packing. Mucha suerte!!! Betsy Bucks, 410-379-2686