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Monday, March 26, 2007

7 weeks and counting...

So, we have 7 weeks left.
5 weeks before we leave our home of 8 1/2 years.
3 weeks left of work.

Things are starting to look different around here. We are organizing things...paring down to what we keep and letting go of the clutter. It is both a slow and a fast process - I know that that doesn't make sense. But it feels like the days on the calendar stream past and yet the work to be done feels both slow and yet on target for where I want to be right now. I know that that will change as the deadline looms ever closer.

Some things about life feel the same, and some are rapidly changing. I handed over all of the things related to my leadership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy raisers recently and last week was my last class teaching puppy classes. Our last pup, Viking, went to a new raiser and now the house is very quiet.

We also handed over all of the training materials for Maryland Search and Rescue. It feels strange to see emails going out with someone new running the discussion. At work also, things are starting to move on without me. This weekend there were several trainings at work that I would have normally lead or coordinated...and they went on without me. It is odd. On one hand it is good to see programs that I have given lots of time to in good hands. On the other hand it is odd to be so easily replaced.

Thanks to Mom and Dad Cropper for helping with the packing, 1/4 round trim and stripping the paint from the front door. We felt like we got a lot done this weekend!

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